What are the best electric shavers of 2017

Our weeks of experimenting with five guys who spent some time with each razor and seven other people
who faked our stash more casually led to remarkable differences of view. Not one of those testers
picked the exact same shaver which other testers picked as their preferred; the Braun Series 7 wins
from total votes spread among first, second, and third locations.Always go for a best electric shaver for facial hair in 2017.


While we think the Series 7 will please just about anybody who attempts it, it is possible to
discover several capable alternatives on the market. It gives a well-thought-out characteristic set
and plausible stubble-leveling results in a really very affordable price. Not one of those testers
thought it had been about the degree of a Braun–but again, it costs under a quarter of the purchase

All our best shaver options are transparency design, meaning that a bar-shaped cutting mechanism is
concealed under a thin, perforated metallic shell. Our tip toward foils is deliberate, as another
type of shaver–rotary, that employs a string of three, two, or four round cutting heads, using a
spinning blade beneath–does not shave as tightly for many guys. (2 of our testers shifted to
transparency out of their own rotaries after finishing their shaver trials)

We say this understanding we are stepping right into a decades-old battleground of devotion, dogma,
assert, and counterclaim. So we will add that lots of men can find a good–actually a superior–shave
using the ideal rotary, rotaries tend to be quieter than their transparency rivals, and they are a
superb selection for guys who undergo skin irritation when using transparency shavers. For all those
guys, we have made a rotary option, also, so a product from a company that specializes in them,

Philips/Norelco Shaver 9300
We think a foil shaver generates a much better shave for many facial hair, but if you insist on a
rotary design, this triple-head version provides an impressive mix of technologies and functionality.
The main point? We are confident among both Brauns or the Remington will please almost anyone who
favors an electrical shaver. However, you will have to do a little homework, since there are plenty
of choices out there and electrical shavers remain unusually idiosyncratic in their approach to
design and technology. Some electrical razors are superb, and far more aren’t so terrific. Most guys
can locate one which should do the job. This story is intended to assist you find which.

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